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January 3, 2011
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Your Personal Injury Attorney needs your Help

Are you interested in hiring a personal injury attorney to pursue damages related to an accident? This could be anything from a car accident to a dog bite to a slip and fall. Even though your attorney is going to do most of the work, this does not mean you are off the hook. In short, you need to be involved in many facets of your lawsuit.

Above all else, your personal injury attorney is going to ask questions that will determine how to move forward with your case. Make sure you are ready to answer each and every question in an open and honest manner.

Keep good records. There is a good chance that your personal injury attorney will need records pertaining to insurance, medical bills, and other details. If you are in any sort of accident and feel that you may have to hire an attorney in the future, make sure you keep detailed records – regardless of how big or small a detail appears to be.

You hire a personal injury attorney to help you win your case. At the same time, your attorney was not present when the accident occurred. For this reason, you will need to supply information and documentation from time to time.

While your personal injury lawyer is going to do most of the work, make sure you are willing to help however you can.

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