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June 20, 2011
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June 27, 2011
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Simple Questions to ask a Personal Injury Attorney

Are you interested in hiring a personal injury attorney? This means that you or a family member was recently in an accident. Although you probably have access to hundreds of attorneys in your area, you can only hire one.

Before you make a final decision, ask these three questions:

1. Do you have experience in my area of personal injury law? If you were in a car accident you need to hire a lawyer with experience in this area. The same holds true with other types of accidents ranging from “slip and fall” to “bicycle” and more.

2. Do you have experience in my state and/or area? For example, if your accident took place in Boston you need to hire a Boston personal injury attorney. Remember, laws differ from state to state. You must hire an attorney who is familiar with the laws in your particular area.

3. What can you do for me? You hire a personal injury attorney for two reasons: to get professional help and to put yourself in position to receive compensation. Make sure you are getting all the help you need, from start to finish. This goes along with choosing an experienced attorney.

Before you hire a personal injury attorney, ask these three questions.

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