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August 23, 2011

Boston Auto Accident Update

Every time you start your car and begin to drive you are taking a risk. Even though you may be a great driver, the same cannot be said for everybody else on the road. Below are several Boston auto accident news stories. 1. Motorcyclist Killed After Being Dragged By Pickup Truck 2. North Andover crash victims […]
August 18, 2011

Comparing Personal Injury Attorneys – What are the Differences?

Before hiring a personal injury attorney you need to compare several professionals in the field. Regardless of your location, finding a handful of attorneys in your area should be a simple task. Although it may appear that every personal injury attorney is identical, nothing could be further from the truth. Here are three differences to focus […]
August 15, 2011

Boston Car Accident News – Lawsuits to Follow?

It is not uncommon for a car accident to lead to a personal injury lawsuit. If you were injured in an accident due to the negligence of another, you may have the right to receive compensation. Below are two recent Boston car accident news stories: 1. One dead in I-495 crash in Westborough after backhoe falls […]
August 11, 2011

3 Questions to Ask a Boston Personal Injury Attorney after an Accident

Were you recently involved in an accident? This could be anything from a car accident to a slip and fall. If so, you may be thinking about hiring an attorney. Once your injuries are taken care of, it is time to contact an experienced attorney to discuss the finer points of your case. During your first […]
August 8, 2011

Car Accident and Related News Stories

Being in a car accident is serious. No matter if you are at fault or another driver caused the accident, injuries are quite common. In some cases, a car accident can lead to a personal injury lawsuit. Below are three car accident news stories from the past few days: 1. Motorcycle driver airlifted after Nashua crash […]
August 4, 2011

3 Ways to Find a Boston Personal Injury Attorney

What process are you going to follow on your search for the perfect Boston personal injury attorney? With hundreds of options, narrowing your choices to just one attorney or firm is not always simple. However, there are three distinct ways to find the best person for your case. 1. Search online. Not only will you turn […]
August 1, 2011

How to deal with a Boston Car Accident

If you live in Boston you know that car accidents are a common occurrence. From minor fender benders to those that result in serious injury, the roads can be quite dangerous at times. Below are several recent Boston car accident news stories that show just how bad the roadways in this busy city can be: 1. […]
July 28, 2011

Provide your Personal Injury Attorney with Accurate Info

Are you in the process of searching for a personal injury attorney to handle your case? This can be a long, drawn out process as you start from scratch with hopes of hiring the best professional for your situation. As you continue your search and speak with several attorneys, you will need to provide 100 percent […]
July 25, 2011

Boston Personal Injury News Stories

As one of the largest cities in the United States, Boston sees its fair share of traffic accidents. From those in the city to those in outlying suburbs, not a day goes by without several accidents bogging down different areas. Below are a few Boston personal injury news stories from the past several days: 1. Teens […]
July 21, 2011

Is every Personal Injury Attorney the Same?

When searching for a personal injury attorney it is easy to believe that they are all the same. From their websites to their commercials and much more, there are definite similarities. But guess what? No two personal injury attorneys are identical. In fact, they are all 100 percent unique in their own way. Here are three […]
July 18, 2011

Boston Car Accidents and Contacting an Attorney

In the city of Boston, car and motorcycle accidents are all too common. This is what happens in a big city with millions of residents. Below are several recent car accident stories: 1. Man flown to Boston after Car tees off on Golf Cart 2. Man Killed in Motorcycle Accident on Dedham-Boston Line 3. Alleged drunken […]
July 14, 2011

Boston Bike Accidents and More

Bike accidents in and around the Boston, Massachusetts area are very common. Unfortunately, many of these accidents lead to serious personal injury and in some cases death. Were you recently injured in a bicycle accident? If so, you may be entitled to receive compensation. The only way to get what you deserve is to hire a […]
April 30, 2010

Toyota to setup Design Quality Division

With its reputation taking a beating after a rash of recalls and lawsuits, Toyota has decided to setup a design quality division as a way of bringing the company back into the good graces of consumers while also improving overall quality. Since October, the company has recalled more than 8 million vehicles. Along with this, they […]
April 27, 2010

Personal Injury News Stories

There is not a day that goes by without a few fresh personal injury stories hitting the news wire. While keeping up with all of them is difficult, we are here to bring you some of the best and most interesting. Here are three stories you definitely want to read: 1. Federal agency to review Toyota […]
April 23, 2010

Onstar Sued by Driver in Accident

A couple from South Dakota is suing Onstar, a division of General Motors, after they failed to send help to the scene of an accident that they were involved in. In an accident, Onstar’s security system is supposed to immediately contact emergency personnel. The lawsuit was filed this week in federal court. The couple alleges that […]
April 20, 2010

Personal Injury News – Car Accident Edition

It is unfortunate, but car accidents happen day in and day out. Along with this, these accidents result in many injuries. This seems more common than ever in and around the Boston area. If you don’t believe this, take a quick look at a few car accident stories from the past few days. 1. One killed, […]
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