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January 3, 2012

Reasons to Hire a Boston Auto Accident Attorney

Were you recently involved in an auto accident in the Boston, MA area? If so, you may be in position to receive compensation for your injuries. To get a better idea of where you stand, contact a qualified Boston auto accident attorney. There are several reasons to consider hiring an attorney: Receive professional, accurate advice Receive […]
December 29, 2011

News Stories from Boston

Although the Christmas holiday has come and gone, New Year’s Day is on the way. With this in mind, auto accidents are going to pick up across the country. This is due in large part to more cars being on the road, as well as an increase in drinking and driving. Over the past week, there […]
December 22, 2011

How much is my Case Worth?

If you or a loved one was recently injured in an accident, there is a chance that filing a personal injury lawsuit could benefit you. However, this leads to one very important question: how much is my case worth? In short, all cases are different. There are multiple factors involved in determining how much your case […]
December 19, 2011

More Boston Car Accidents

During the holiday season, roadways are packed full of travelers. As you can imagine, this increases the chance of being involved in an accident. While most Boston car accidents are minor, there are some that result in death or serious injury. In some cases, an accident can lead to a personal injury lawsuit. Below are three […]
December 15, 2011

Reasons to Get Excited when Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney

If you are in position to hire a personal injury attorney it means that you or a loved one was recently injured in some sort of accident. As you can imagine, this is no reason to be excited. That being said, hiring the right lawyer can go a long way in reducing stress and allowing you […]
December 12, 2011

Accidents in and around Boston

It is easy to think that all auto accidents, regardless of location, would lead to a lawsuit. However, this is not true. Fortunately, some accidents are minor and can be handled by the insurance companies of each party involved. Of course, there are accidents, many in and around the Boston area, that do lead to a […]
December 7, 2011

Have a Personal Injury Case? Find a Qualified Attorney

No two personal injury cases are identical. On the surface, it may appear that two cases are the same (auto accident, dog bite, etc.). However, this is never true. Every case has unique details, all of which need to be considered upon moving forward with a lawsuit. If you feel that you have a personal injury […]
December 5, 2011

Auto Accidents in Boston over the Past Week

Fortunately, most auto accidents are minor. The parties involved can exchange insurance information and move on from there. However, this is not always the case. There are times when accidents lead to severe injury or even death. When a car accident is serious, there is a good chance that one or more people will be in […]
December 1, 2011

Do you have Auto Accident Lawsuit Questions?

Were you recently involved in an auto accident? Do you feel that you have a lawsuit that could compensate you for damages and/or injuries? Every year, thousands upon thousands of auto accident lawsuits are filed across the country. Whether or not you have a case is not something you can decide on your own. Instead, you […]
November 28, 2011

Boston Auto Accident News Stories

Every year, millions of people take to the roads during the holiday season. This is particularly true over the long Thanksgiving weekend. Unfortunately, more cars on the roadways lead to more accidents. There were countless auto accidents in and around the Boston area over the past few days. 1. Harwich driver seriously hurt in crash; OUI […]
November 21, 2011

Accident News from Boston, Massachusetts

With the holiday season closing in, more and more people are taking to the roads. While traveling during the holidays can be a lot of fun, it can also be quite dangerous at times. If you plan on traveling via car, it is important to take all proper safety measures. Last week, there were quite a […]
November 16, 2011

Be Detailed with your Boston Car Accident Attorney

Being involved in a car accident is a big deal. Even more so, if you or a loved one was injured you may be entitled to compensation – but only if you take the proper measures in moving forward with your case. Enter an experienced Boston car accident attorney. With the right attorney on your side, […]
July 6, 2010

Car Accidents in and around Boston

With so many car accidents in and around Boston on a regular basis, it goes without saying that many of them lead to lawsuits. Over the past few days, there have been quite a few accidents in the area – some of which were very serious. For more information on these accidents, as well as many […]
June 28, 2010

Personal Injury News

It can be difficult to read all the personal injury related news stories that are published every day. In fact, it is next to impossible – there is just too much information out there. Rather than jump around from one story to the next you should focus your time on the most important news. Here are […]
June 21, 2010

On-road Personal Injury News

Accidents involving motor vehicles are all too common. Every day in the Boston area there are many accidents. Some of them are minor, but others are much more serious and often times lead to a personal injury suit. Below are several recent news stories of interest: 1. Plymouth man injured in Middleboro accident 2. Back in […]
June 14, 2010

Boston Auto Accident News Stories

In many cases, an auto accident will quickly lead to a personal injury lawsuit. No matter how careful people are when driving, these accidents still occur on a regular basis. Below are several Boston auto accident news stories that you should consider reading: 1. I-Team: City Drags Out Accident Settlements 2. Two struck in Foxboro 3. […]
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