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Medford Truck Accident Lawyer

When it comes to your financial stability, hiring a Medford trucking accident lawyer can make all the difference.

Sharing the road with an 18-wheeler is an intimidating experience, especially for a civilian driver. Semi-trucks are large and powerful, and being involved in a collision with one of these vehicles has the potential to leave you seriously injured.

In these cases, contact a Medford truck accident lawyer from Joel H. Schwartz, PC for legal representation. We will help you file a successful injury claim so you can obtain proper compensation from the liable party and streamline your recovery process.

Common Causes of Medford Commercial Truck Accidents

The cause of your accident is a crucial piece of information in your overall claim-building process. This information usually points to the liable party and proves your innocence as a civilian driver, which allows your truck accident lawyer in Medford to help you recover the most compensation possible.

Some causes behind typical truck accidents include the following:

  • Driver Fatigue – Truck drivers often feel compelled by their employers to work longer hours than they are legally allowed to. However, this action could lead to serious injuries because the driver becomes fatigued and unable to properly manage his or her vehicle.
  • Improper TrainingThe truck driver’s employer has a responsibility to provide the trucker with proper education and training prior to sending him or her out on the road. Semi-trucks require a great amount of skill and knowledge to maneuver. When the trucking company fails to properly train truckers, it can be held liable for your resulting damages.
  • Malfunctioning PartsIn some cases, malfunctioning brakes or engines lead to catastrophic truck accidents in Medford. In these cases, the manufacturer of the truck’s defective parts can be held accountable for your injuries.

Why You Need a Medford 18-Wheeler Accident Lawyer

Many people hire a lawyer when preparing to file a claim after any accident. But when it comes to seeking compensation from the liable party in an 18-wheeler collision, doing so becomes even more necessary.

That’s because the truck driver will likely be backed by a large corporation looking for any reason possible to avoid providing you with a settlement. As such, you may find yourself backed into a corner or intimidated into accepting compensation that doesn’t truly match the value of your injuries and damages.

But by working with a Medford semi-truck wreck lawyer, you can avoid such a situation. Your attorney will act as a guide and a representative throughout the negotiations process. This will help ensure that the insurance and trucking companies offer you compensation that truly satisfies your financial burdens after your 18-wheeler accident.

Work with a Medford Semi-Truck Accident Attorney

The team at Joel H. Schwartz, PC is here to help you recover after you’ve been injured in an 18-wheeler or semi-truck accident. Get in touch with us today to discover how we can help you obtain the compensation you need.

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