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Massachusetts Out-of-State Personal Injury Lawyer

Out-Of-State Personal Injuries

An injury can happen anywhere, at any time and under any circumstance. You could be visiting family or friends in Florida and get into an auto accident. Or, you could be from Minnesota visiting relatives in Massachusetts and fall and hurt yourself. What should you do if you get injured out of state?

First, get the medical attention you need.

Dealing with your injury should be your first priority. If it’s a serious injury, getting medical care is obvious. But even if it seems to be a relatively minor injury, you should still get checked out. A simple head bump could turn into a concussion or worse. Take care of your physical well-being first. Then talk to us.

Why is it in your best interest to talk to an attorney who specializes in out-of-state injuries?

Liability laws vary from state to state. Insurance may cover only a portion of your medical costs. You may need follow-up medical treatment when you get home. You may also lose time from work. Who’s going to navigate the laws, care enough to help facilitate your medical care, explain your rights and represent you if you have a legitimate medical claim? We will because personal injury law is all we do.

Our firm has a long history of resolving personal injury claims all over the country.

Unlike what you see on television, most cases are settled out of court; for that reason, you can use our years of experience, vast resources and negotiating skills to resolve your claim. Think of it this way; when you call a company about a product you’ve purchased, you’re often talking to a call center in India. Many insurance companies are likely to have offices outside your state as well. If you consider how today’s advanced communications technology ties us all together, location doesn’t matter as much as finding the right lawyer to represent you.

We will use our more than 50 years of experience to resolve your claim quickly and for the maximum compensation. If the matter has to be litigated, we utilize a large network of skilled law firms in other states to help as needed.

Call us today to talk to an attorney who specializes in out-of-state personal injuries. We can help.

Out-of-State Personal Injury Case Achievements

Out-of-State (Virginia) Pedestrian Struck by Vehicle in Crosswalk – $475,000.00
Out-of-State (Ohio) Car Accident Personal Injury Case – $420,000.00

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