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Do you have a Workplace Sexual Harassment Case?

Sexual harassment in the workplace continues to be a major problem throughout the country, despite the fact that employers and coworkers are well aware that they should never cross the line.

In short, sexual harassment occurs when requests for sexual favors are made or when another party’s actions create a hostile, sexually offensive, or intimidating environment.

Some of the most common forms of workplace sexual harassment include:

  • Being touched in a sexual way without consent
  • Sexual favors requested in return for a promotion, pay raise, or bonus
  • Others make sexual comments about you, leading you to feel uncomfortable

Are you unsure if you have a workplace sexual harassment case? If so, contact us as soon as possible to explain what is going on and to learn more about your rights as an employee. We are here to help you escape a bad situation and receive compensation for what you have been put through.

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