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How Does Workers Comp Work in Massachusetts?

When you’re injured at work, figuring out how you should go about collecting MA workers compensation benefits can be confusing, particularly if you are still recuperating from your injuries. For this reason, below we have described the criteria for workers comp approval and what benefits you can collect.

MA Workers Compensation Eligibility

To qualify for workers compensation when you live in Massachusetts, you’ll need to be able to prove to the insurance company and possibly the Department of Industrial Accidents (DIA) that your injury was caused by your work environment or your work duties.

Nearly every employee in the state is required to carry workers compensation coverage to protect their employees in situations like these. It’s important to remember that fault is irrelevant to work comp approval. So if you know your injuries were caused by the scope of your work, consulting a highly trained MA workers comp lawyer may be in your best interests.

What Your Benefits May Include

If your claim for benefits is approved by the insurance company, you should begin receiving your wage replacement benefits (i.e., disability benefits) within a few weeks. The amount will be approximately 60 percent of your average weekly salary and can continue until you reach maximum medical improvement or you reach the maximum number of allowable weeks based on the type of injury you sustained.

In addition to the disability benefits, you are entitled to have your injury-related medical expenses covered by the insurance company. In addition, if working in your current industry is no longer an option, the insurer will also cover any job-related training so you can find gainful employment in another industry.

Come in for a Meeting with a MA Work Comp Lawyer

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