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December 2013


Steps to take if you are an Injured Pedestrian

Pedestrian accidents can range from minor to life changing, based on a variety of factors such as how fast the car was moving. While Massachusetts law typically favors the pedestrian in this type of accident, there are many details that go into deciding whether or not you have a case. If you are injured as […]


Why you Need to Contact an Experienced Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Have you been injured in a motorcycle accident? Are you worried about what this means to your future? While the most important thing is getting the proper medical treatment, from there you need to consider the benefits of contacting an accident attorney. Motorcycle accident laws are complex, and insurance companies can be a challenge to […]


How to Find the Right Bicycle Accident Lawyer

As a bicyclist, you have the right to share the road with automobiles. That being said, some drivers are not nearly as friendly and cautious as they should be. As a result, accidents can and do happen from time to time. Have you been injured in a bicycle accident? If so, contacting an accident lawyer […]


Which Car Accident Lawyer is Best for you?

When searching for a car accident lawyer, you can be rest assured of finding several in your local area. Since you can only hire one, you need to be careful of the steps you take along the way. But aren’t all lawyers the same? This is a common misconception that gets many people into trouble […]


Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect Indicators

When an elderly person is unable to care for him or herself, a nursing home is often times the best solution. While most of these homes do whatever it takes to ensure the comfort and safety of residents, there are always a few bad apples that spoil the bunch. And in this case, it is […]


Looking for Legal News? Check these Websites

When it comes to staying current with legal news, from recent settlements to industry changes, you need to know which sources you can and cannot rely on. By visiting our blog on a regular basis, you know you will receive advice on a variety of matters related to personal injury topics. If you are seeking […]


Check out these Blog Posts from Last Month

If you did not have the chance to stay current with our blog during the month of November, it is never too late to check out what you missed. Last month, we provided a variety of tips related to personal injury lawsuits and other similar topics. Here are five blog posts that you definitely want […]

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