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June 2013


Contact a Personal Injury Attorney Online, Setup a Free Consultation

If you don’t feel comfortable contacting a personal injury attorney via phone just yet, you have another option: the internet.
For example, we make it simple for people to contact us online. Anybody who feels they have a case can complete the “Get Started Here” form located on the right side of our website.
From there, one [...]


You will Never Regret Contacting a Personal Injury Lawyer

Are you on the fence as to whether or not you should contact a personal injury lawyer? Are you concerned about what this process entails and how things will end up if you decide to move forward?
With so many questions to be answered, it is better to be safe than sorry.
If you don’t contact a [...]


There is no Such thing as a Bad Question

When looking to hire a personal injury attorney, there is no such thing as a bad question. You should feel comfortable asking anything that is on your mind, regardless of how you feel it will be received by the other party.
You are facing a difficult time in your life, but your meeting with an attorney [...]


Pages of our Website you don’t want to Miss

Thanks to the internet, it is easier than ever before to compare one MA personal injury law firm to the rest. Of course, some firms have an updated web presence complete with all the appropriate information while others are still lagging behind.
We take great pride in our website, doing our best to provide potential clients [...]


Common Reasons Some Shy Away from Contacting an Attorney

Deep down inside you may realize that contacting a personal injury attorney is something you need to do. However, there may be something holding you back.
Maybe you know why you are shying away from this. Maybe you can’t really put your finger on it. Either way, you need to find out now before it is [...]


Can your Personal Injury Attorney Answer these Questions?

A personal injury attorney who is not willing to answer questions is one that is not worth considering for your case. Even if you are in a rush to find and hire the appropriate legal counsel, there is no point in making a decision you may regret in the long run.
If your attorney is not [...]


18 Practice Specialties – Strictly a Personal Injury Firm

While some law firms are all over the board in terms of the types of cases they take on, we don’t subscribe to that same train of thought. Instead, our office is strictly a personal injury law firm. This has been the case for nearly 50 years, and will continue to hold true well into [...]


Let an Attorney Decide if you have a Case

If you were recently injured in an accident, you may begin to ponder the future. Who is going to pay my mounting medical bills? Will I be able to return to work at some point? These questions alone are enough to add stress to an already challenging situation.
While many feel that filing a lawsuit is [...]

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