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December 2012


It’s New Year’s Eve – Stay Safe on the Road

For many, New Year’s Eve is the best day of the year for having a good time. While looking towards the new year and a fresh start, these people have the time of their life. As exciting as it may be to put a smile on your face and “party it up” with friends, it [...]


Have a Happy and Safe Holiday

Throughout the country, millions of people will be celebrating the holiday season both today and tomorrow. With so much fun to be had, this is truly one of the best times of the year.
To ensure that your 2012 goes out with a bang, it is important to have a happy and safe holiday. This means [...]


Holiday Driving Tips and Advice

No matter who you are or where you live, there is a good chance you will be driving this holiday season. With so many others on the road at the same time, you need to do whatever it takes to stay safe 100 percent of the time.
In addition to driving safely, it is a must [...]


Begin your Search for a Personal Injury Lawyer Online

If injured in an accident, at some point you may consider whether hiring a personal injury lawyer is a good decision. Do I truly have a case? If so, who can help? These are the types of questions that are sure to be running through your mind.
Some people search through the phone book for the [...]


Vehicle Related Accidents from around the Country

Those who live in Boston, MA are well aware that vehicle related accidents are quite common around the area. Unfortunately, the same holds true across other parts of the country. Regardless of where you live or visit, you should always realize that the roads are a dangerous place.
This week, we wanted to bring you some [...]


How to Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer for the First Time

Were you recently involved in an accident? Were you injured due to the negligence of another party? This can be extremely frustrating, especially when you are responsible for mounting medical bills while dealing with a variety of injuries.
At some point, you may consider contacting a personal injury lawyer. Before you do so, however, you need [...]


A Personal Injury Attorney will Listen to you

The only thing worse than being injured in an accident is not knowing what to do next. Despite the fact that you need professional help, you don’t know where to turn. Making things worse, every time you bring up your accident you may have a difficult time finding somebody close to listen.
Have you taken the [...]


Recent Accidents in Boston, Massachusetts

Some accidents are more serious than others. Some accidents involve one party while others effect the lives of many. In and around the city of Boston, there are accidents on a regular basis. As unfortunate as it may sound, in such a large city things are bound to happen from time to time.
The following accident [...]

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