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June 2011


Car Recall News: How it relates to Personal Injury Law

It is good to know that car companies are willing to issue recalls if they find something wrong with one of their vehicles. Unfortunately, recalls often times come too late. Over the past couple of years, hundreds of people have been injured at the hands of a vehicle that would later be recalled.
Here are several [...]


Simple Questions to ask a Personal Injury Attorney

Are you interested in hiring a personal injury attorney? This means that you or a family member was recently in an accident. Although you probably have access to hundreds of attorneys in your area, you can only hire one.
Before you make a final decision, ask these three questions:
1. Do you have experience in my area [...]


Boston Car Accident News – How to get Assistance

No matter if you live in Boston or another city in the state of Massachusetts, car accidents are common occurrences. Some are minor but others lead to personal injury or death.
Below are several recent car accident news stories from the area:
1. As mom grieves, police weigh charges
2. Third Major Accident on Mass Pike in 4 [...]


Passenger Injuries: What are your Options?

Were you a passenger in a vehicle involved in an accident? Were you injured? If so, you have the right to seek payment. The insurance provider covering the car in which you were a passenger may be required to pay your bills.
What if the car I was driving in is uninsured? In this case, you [...]


Boston Car Accident and Personal Injury News

Car accidents and other personal injury accidents are commonplace in and around the Boston area.
Were you recently involved in an accident in which you were injured? Was it the fault of another? If you answered yes to both of these questions you may be able to receive compensation for your injuries. For more information on [...]


Do I have a Personal Injury Claim?

When injured, it is easy to assume that you have a personal injury claim. Of course, this is not always true.
If you have been injured you must be able to prove that somebody else was at fault. As you can imagine, this can be difficult to do – especially if you are injured and not [...]


Personal Injury Accidents: Boston and the Surrounding Area

Not all accidents lead to a personal injury lawsuit. That being said, many of them do. From car accidents to bike accidents and much more, personal injury cases are common in Boston as well as the rest of the country.
Below are several recent accident news stories:
1. Sudbury Woman Dies in Two-Car Accident
2. Arrest Made In [...]


Car Recalls: Your Safety is at Risk

Are you driving a vehicle that has recently been recalled? If so, you need to take it in for repairs as soon as possible. Even if the problem sounds like a small one, it is better to be safe than sorry.
Below are several car recall stories from the past week:
1. Culture Crash: Honda Is About [...]

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