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March 2011


A Motorcycle Accident can be Serious

Did you know that motorcycle owners are not required by law to carry medical coverage for the driver and passengers? That being said, an insurance policy does provide medical coverage for somebody who is struck by a motorcycle.
All motorcycle owners should know that they can purchase medical insurance, often times referred to as “med pay.” [...]


The Latest in Personal Injury News

Every week, accidents across the world lead to personal injury lawsuits. Hopefully you never find yourself in this position. If you do, though, it is good to have as much information and knowledge as possible.
Below are several of the latest personal injury news stories:
1. Deadly crashes highlight proliferation of low-fare bus options in U.S. Northeast
2. [...]


How to help yourself after a Car Accident

In many cases, a car accident can be a life altering event. Even if you are only involved in a minor fender bender, this is sure to throw your life into a tizzy for a few days. There are many things you can do to help yourself after a car accident.
1. Above all else, receive [...]


Boston Car Accident News

Every day, in and around the Boston area, there are many car accidents. Some are much more serious than others. Many of them lead to personal injury lawsuits.
Below are three Boston car accident news stories worth reading:
1. Driver dies after crash with train
2. Critically injured teen flown to Boston
3. Pet Owner Told To Pay After [...]


Personal Injury Info through the News

You can learn a lot about personal injury law and related information through the news. Every day, many stories on this topic are brought to the forefront.
Below are several recent news stories related to auto accidents, which often times lead to a personal injury lawsuit:
1. POLICE NEWS: Bowling Green woman dies in vehicle accident on [...]


Save your Case by Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney

You either have a personal injury case or you don’t. You never know for sure until you speak with an experienced personal injury attorney. A brief conversation will give you the info needed to decide how to best move forward.
It goes without saying that you need to find a professional that specializes in the right [...]


Recent Auto Accident News Stories

Every day, thousands upon thousands of people are involved in an auto accident of some sort. Many people are injured; many people are killed. In some situations, a car accident leads to a personal injury lawsuit.
Here are several auto accident news stories from the past week:
1. Police investigate crash involving car and fire truck
2. Crash [...]


The Latest Car Recall News

As you may have heard, more car recalls have been publicized. While it is good that auto manufacturers are announcing problems and fixing them as needed, owners of these cars are on edge. After all, nobody wants to drive a car that is not 100 percent safe.
Below are four car recall stories that will get [...]

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