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February 2011


Stay Current with Auto Accident News

Below are several auto accident stories to hit the internet over the past week. Many accidents, such as those related to motor vehicles, eventually lead to a personal injury lawsuit.
1. Milford crash leaves 3 injured
2. Two men seriously injured in Southborough crash
3. Three men left with serious injuries after car goes airborne on Route-24
4. Haverhill [...]


Injured at Work?

If you ever become injured on the job, many questions will come to mind. Who will pay for my medical treatment? Will my employer continue to pay me even though I am unable to work? Is my job safe if I can eventually return to work?
Above all else, realize that your health is most important. [...]


Car Accident News and Personal Injury Stories

No matter how safe people are while driving, accidents occur. This happens time and time again. There are many causes of these accidents. Along with this, many result in a lawsuit filed by at least one party
Below are three car accident/personal injury news stories from the local Boston area:
1. Judge rules against Hanover police officer’s [...]


Car Recall News

Car recalls are all too common in today’s day and age. That being said, it is better for manufacturers to publicize a recall than to “sweep the trouble under the rug.”
Below are several car recall (and other) news stories that may affect you:
1. Toyota’s Recalls: Why the Government Reports Aren’t an All-Clear
2. Memorial woman sues [...]


Car Accident News Stories

Many personal injury claims are a direct result of a car accident. If you or somebody you know is involved in an automobile accident, it is important to learn your rights. For more information, contact an experienced personal injury attorney.
Below are three car accident news stories from the past week:
1. Man injured a few days [...]


Bicycle Accidents and Personal Injury Claims

Were you recently struck by a motor vehicle while riding a bicycle? If so, you have the same rights as if you were a pedestrian. You need to know which steps to take to ensure that you get compensated for any injuries.
Above all else, being involved in an accident with a car, while riding a [...]


Auto Accident and Personal Injury News Stories

It is difficult to keep up with the latest auto accident and personal injury news stories. Since personal injury law covers a broad range of topics, you could keep yourself busy for several days reading the latest news. Below are three personal injury news stories that are worth reading.
1. Woburn teen dead after car plunges [...]


Understanding Personal Injury Lawsuits can be Difficult

You may have a personal injury lawsuit if another person is responsible for your injuries. Some of the most common types of lawsuits include car accidents, dog bites, slip and fall, and medical malpractice. Of course, this is just a small sampling.
While personal injury lawsuits sound simple enough on the surface, the finer details will [...]

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