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August 2010


Keeping up with Personal Injury News Stories

From car accidents to Labor Day crackdowns on drunk driving, there are a lot of stories in the news related to personal injury law and similar topics. The four stories below are definitely worth the time it will take you to read them: 1. Taunton accident victim takes steps toward recovery 2. Trying to Stop […]


Auto Accident Checklist

If you are lucky you will never be involved in an auto accident. Unfortunately, this is something that happens to most people at least once in their lifetime. Below is an auto accident checklist that will help you best deal with this situation, should it arise. Driver information: make sure you exchange information with the […]


Breaking Personal Injury News

It can be difficult to stay current with all the personal injury stories that hit the news wire every day. With thousands of stories out there, you don’t have time to read them all. That being said, you still want to skim a few to see what has been going on. Below are several recent […]


What is a Structured Settlement?

A structured settlement is often times the result of a personal injury case. When a plaintiff settles for a large sum of money, the result is often times a settlement being paid in installments over the course of many years, as opposed to a single lump sum. What is the schedule for a structured settlement? […]


Personal Injury News and Information

Unfortunately, personal injury news stories and related information is very common – no matter where you live. If you are interested in staying current with this news, the following stories should be of great interest to you: 1. Driver Arrested After Rollover Accident 2. Ex-Turnpike chief arrested for drunken driving in Haverhill 3. Las Vegas […]


Online Personal Injury Law Resources

Are you interested in learning more about personal injury law? No matter if you have a potential case or are simply intrigued by this side of the law, there are plenty of resources to turn to. While speaking one-on-one with a personal injury attorney is the best way to obtain advice, it is not always […]


Boston Auto Accident News and Info

Unfortunately, over the past few days there have been quite a few car accidents in and around the Boston area. Along with this, several “Toyota recall related stories” have also hit the internet. Take a closer look at some of these stories below: 1. Koua Lee case witnesses: Cars just roared off 2. 1 dead […]

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