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March 2010


Personal Injury News Roundup

Everyday, personal injury stories from one side of the country to the next hit the news wire. Some are more interesting than others; some can be used to learn a lot about the laws governing personal injury cases.
Below are three personal injury news stories that you don’t want to miss:
1. Car Crash Leaves 1 Dead, [...]


Decide if you need a Personal Injury Attorney

Hiring a personal injury attorney is not as simple as it sounds. Yes, you can schedule a free consultation but knowing if you actually need an attorney may be beyond your level of expertise.
Generally speaking, when your injuries are minor you do not need to seek out an attorney. In this case, your suit probably [...]


Car Driven into Swimming Pool, Driver Saved

A woman suffering from a diabetic episode lost control of her car, drove it through a fence, and ended up in a swimming pool. Fortunately, the quick thinking of three women saved the driver’s life.
The driver, Marjorie Ponder, crashed through Jen Pavao’s fence and soon found her car in 10 feet of cold water. Pavao, [...]


Toyota Recall Update

Toyota is scrambling to regain its good name after a rash of recalls and many injuries and incidents related to them. It seems that everyday a new story makes its way to the news. If somebody is not being injured by a defective vehicle, Toyota is at the forefront promising to investigate any and all [...]


Personal Injury News

Everyday, personal injury stories hit the news wire. Unfortunately, most of them are based on accidents that have caused death or serious injury. You may not be able to read and learn from all of these stories, but some are too informative to pass by.
The following four stories from the past week are worth reviewing:
1. [...]


I’ve been Injured – now what?

If somebody else is at fault for your injury, you may be able to make a claim against that person and/or their insurance company as a way of collecting monetary compensation. Of course, the type of accident that you were in, as well as the circumstances, will greatly effect how much money you can attempt [...]


Toyota Lawsuit News

As you know by now, Toyota is in a lot of trouble over its recent recalls. Not only have many vehicles been affected, but a lot of people have been injured as a result – some have even died. This has led to many lawsuits being filed over the past few weeks. For more information [...]


How to determine which Personal Injury Attorney is best

Are you in the process of searching your city for the best personal injury attorney? You may find that there are hundreds upon hundreds of options. How are you ever going to narrow down all your choices to the attorney who is best for your case?
There are a few things you can do to determine [...]


How is the Amount of Damages Suffered determined?

A common question among personal injury victims is: how much money can I sue for? Everybody wants to know how much money they can receive – even if this is not the most important question to answer at the time.
Some of the factors that go into determining this number include:
1. Medical expenses. This includes hospital [...]


Personal Injury News from the past week

Everyday, news stories related to personal injury hit the internet. Along with this, many of these same stories show up on local and national news stations. Even though it is impossible to keep up with every story, you can stay in touch with those that are most popular.
Here are three personal injury news stories from [...]

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