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Recent Accident News from the Boston Area

If you live in or around the Boston area, you are well aware that motor vehicle accidents occur on a regular basis. Even when you are obeying the rules of the road, attempting to remain safe, others around you may not be doing the same.
Not every type of accident will lead to a lawsuit, but [...]


Recent News from Around the Area

Many accidents occur throughout the Boston area on a regular basis. While some result in minor injuries, others are much more serious, often times leading to death.
Here are several recent news stories worth reading:
1. Ford recall: Your car could roll away even if it’s parked
2. Taunton Man Killed In Crash On Route 44 In Raynham
3. Ford Recalls [...]


Local Vehicle Accidents and Related News

If you live in or around the Boston area, you know that vehicle accidents are very common. While most involve two or more cars, there are other types, such as when a bicyclist is struck, as well.
Here are three recent vehicle accident news stories worth paying attention to:
1. GM report cites more death claims in [...]


How to Find and Choose the Best Boston Personal Injury Attorney

Although you may be under the impression that every Boston personal injury attorney is the same, as you dig through the details of each firm you will find that this is not the case.
There are many details to consider when searching for and hiring an attorney.
If you take the right steps and focus on the [...]


A News Article Update for January 2013

With January coming to a close and the start of the new year in full swing, people all over the area are beginning to settle back into their routine.
Unfortunately, many lives have already been turned upside down in 2013 due to accidents on local Boston roadways.
Here are several news stories from the past month, many [...]


A Boston Auto Accident News Story Update

Every now and again, we like to give you a closer look at what is happening on the roadways of Boston. This time around, let’s take an in-depth view of a few on the road accidents over the past week or so.
Although most auto accidents are minor fender benders, others can result in serious injury [...]


Holiday Driving Tips and Advice

No matter who you are or where you live, there is a good chance you will be driving this holiday season. With so many others on the road at the same time, you need to do whatever it takes to stay safe 100 percent of the time.
In addition to driving safely, it is a must [...]


Vehicle Related Accidents from around the Country

Those who live in Boston, MA are well aware that vehicle related accidents are quite common around the area. Unfortunately, the same holds true across other parts of the country. Regardless of where you live or visit, you should always realize that the roads are a dangerous place.
This week, we wanted to bring you some [...]


Recent Accidents in Boston, Massachusetts

Some accidents are more serious than others. Some accidents involve one party while others effect the lives of many. In and around the city of Boston, there are accidents on a regular basis. As unfortunate as it may sound, in such a large city things are bound to happen from time to time.
The following accident [...]


Toys, Consumer Products Recalled

Regardless of the time of year, all product recalls are a big deal. This holds true with cars, toys, and other consumer products. That being said, this is even more of a concern during the holiday season. Right now, people are shopping for all kinds of items – not always paying attention to what they [...]

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