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Rear-End Collision - Disk Herniation - $526,816.00

In this case, the plaintiff was sitting in the back seat of a motor vehicle when it was rear ended by a truck operated by the defendant.

Two months after the accident, an MRI test was completed to check for further injuries. This test showed a disc herniation. Four months later, the plaintiff underwent extensive corrective surgery.

Following the surgery rehabilitation was advised. But within a few months, a second surgery was necessary in order to remove hardware that was inserted during the first operation. Again, physical therapy was undertaken.

After a recovery period, the plaintiff's physicians concluded a permanent loss of body function of 20 percent. This was due to the spine injuries. To go along with this, a permanent loss of body function of three percent was caused by continual knee problems.

The defendants in this case stated that the plaintiff had preexisting spinal conditions at the time of the incident.

High low limits of $500,000 and $150,000 were considered during arbitration in this case. The case ultimately ended up with an award of $526,816.00.

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